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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is an insurance product which covers for losses while traveling, it may be domestic or international travel. But it varies depending upon policies. Travel insurance policies are as follows.,

  • Basic policy generally covers emergency medical expenses.
  • Comprehensive policy cover for trip cancellation, luggage lost, vehicle delays and other expenses.

Benefits of Travel insurance :


It’s useful for the one whoever is travelling long or overseas. In the event of some injury/illness an Insured person can use this medical benefit that covers for their medicine, ambulance fees and emergency assistance services which can offer guarantees of payment to the hospital for treatment.

Trip Cancellation:

It might be applicable when an insured person cancels their trip voluntarily due to unexpected circumstances like illness, injury and family emergencies. Also it’s applicable when the trip is getting canceled due to natural disaster, bad weather and strikes, etc.

Luggage Lost:

Basically it covers for theft, damage or loss of their luggage for insured persons during the journey. Including for documents like passports but it’s limited for cash theft.

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We are always providing good support to our customers and suggesting them to take travel insurance based on their conditions.

Travel insurance may vary based on trip and flight duration. So Please choose your travel insurance policy based on your requirements. If you have any queries about travel insurance policy, please feel free to reach out to us. We always assist you!

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