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New Zealand Permanent Resident

New zealand Immigration Consultants in Coimbatore

We are one of the best New Zealand immigration consultants in Coimbatore. Our key specialty is to advise our clients on the right opportunity based on their profile and process their application to one of the super countries for their resettlement with family along with all the benefits.We are strongly sure to proffer sterling and quality services to all our clients who seek to immigrate toNew Zealand .

Why Migrate to New Zealand?

Job facilities are diverse and, in some places, are better paid than other countries. Skilled Migrant visas are a choice for people wanting to move to New Zealand. Finally, the climate and scenery of New Zealand attract thousands and thousands of people to explore New Zealand.

1.NZ has a robust, growing economy

2..NZ has a great democracy 

3.NZ is wonderful, and it is compact

4.NZ has great national waterways, subways and cycleways.

How to Migrate to New Zealand?

1.New Zealand Permanent Resident Visa

2.New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category

3.New Zealand Essential skills work visa

4.New Zealand Business Visa

5.New Zealand Study Visa

6.New Zealand Tourist Visa

7.New Zealand golden visa

8.New Zealand migrant visa

New Zealand Immigration Process

1. I am considering New Zealand

Find why New Zealand is not just a good place to work but how we  enjoy life outside of work, which we call work-life balance. It is also a wonderful environment to bring up children as well as feeling safe and secure.

2. Explore visa option for living permanently

We have a particular  range of visas that enter you to live in New Zealand permanently. Please find the perfect visa to settle in New zealand.

3. Things to need before moving to New Zealand

If you’re thinking about a permanent migration to New Zealand, there are some things to consider.To live in New Zealand life long, you need a  resident visa. Things need before moving to New Zealand :

1. Bring your documents with you

2. Research where you’ll live

3. Get your finances sorted

4. Improve your English

4. Moving and settle in New Zealand

It’s important to register the IRD number as soon as you arrive, so you are taxed at the right rate, right from when you start work.

Top Jobs in New Zealand

1.CEO                                          –       NZ$560,000/Year

2.Judge                                       –      NZ$413,000/Year

3.Radiation Oncologist           –     NZ$387,500/Year

4.Diagnostic Radiologist        –      NZ$387,500/Year

5.IT General Manager             –      NZ$250,000/Year

6.Strategy Manager                 –      NZ$230,000/Year

7.Surgeon                                  –      NZ$212,000/Year

8.Pathologist                            –     NZ$204,500/Year    

9.Physician                               –      NZ$187,000/Year

10.Pilot                                      –     NZ$145,000/Year

Why Season6Holidays

High Success Ratio

We are happy to say that we have a high success ratio of immigrating most peoples into different regions of the world based on their profile and industry demand.

Immigration Experts

We have vast experience in guiding diversified clients from different education profiles, industry and backgrounds. We clearly evaluate the profile & expectations and match the best fit.

100 % Job Assistance

Being the best immigration consultant in coimbatore, we provide 100% job assistance for our clients based on their education & work.

Documentation Assistance

Being the best immigration consultant in coimbatore, we provide the 100% free & transparent documents assistance for immigration purposes. 

Post Landing Assistance

We also help the clients with our post landing assistance like flight tickets, airport pickup, setting up proper accommodation, creating bank accounts, taxation & insurance filings.

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