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Mauritius Issuing Tourist Visa

                   Travellers don’t need to register for visa on arrival to Mauritius. They simply need to provide the necessary documents at the country airport and pick up their visa from the relevant authority.

                   No Travellers do not need to register for a visa on arrival to Mauritius.Having a valid passport and the right visa is key to a trouble-free entry into Mauritius. To Read more you need to get in touch with one of the tour agencies like “season6 holidays”.

How long can you stay in Mauritius without a visa:

How long can you stay in Mauritius Without a Visa. Non citizens without a visa may have a maximum stay of 60 days with a single entry facility only.

How many days does Mauritius tourist visa take:

Compared to other tour agencies, “season6 holidays” will complete the Visa processing time in 1 week.

Mauritius Visa for Indians:

However, Indian Nationals do not need to apply for a Mauritius visa in advance. They can get a Mauritius visa upon arrival at Mauritius International Airport and also need to be provided that they have the valid travel documents

How can I get Mauritius tourist visa from India:

You can Approach the tour agencies “season6 holidays “ we help to get Mauritius visit visa for 60 days Tourist Visa in approximately 3 to 4 working day

Which countries do not need tourist visa for Mauritius?

Here’s a list of Mauritius visa waiver countries:

  • 1. Italy.
  • 2. Greece
  • 3. Belgium.
  • 4. France
  • 5. Hungary


What are the requirements to go to Mauritius: Quick Facts

  1. 1. PASSPORT VALIDITY: Three months beyond the planned date of departure from Mauritius.
  2. 2. BLANK PASSPORT PAGES: One page required for entry stamp.
  3. 3. TOURIST VISA REQUIRED: Mauritius International Airport provided they have the valid travel documents or visa is required.

Is Mauritius Tourist visa easy to get:

  • An average of five working days is required for the processing of an application for a visa after all documents have been submitted. The easiest way to request a visitor visa in our tour agencies “season6 holidays”. 

What are the eligibility criteria for Mauritius Tourist Visa application:

  1. 1. Passport with minimum validity of six months. The applicant must be 18 years and above. Blank visa pages in the passport for the stamping of visa. Financial documents, like bank statements.
  2. 2. Please reach out our “Season 6 Holidays “visa experts, to get more details.

What Documents Are Required For Mauritius Tourist Visa?

Below documents are required to get the Mauritius tourist visa from India.,

  • 1. Passport, in original, with a minimum validity of six months as on the date of submission of application for visa. 
  • 2. One recent passport-size color photograph depicting full face.
  • 3. Proof of Residence: Either a copy of National ID Card or Utility Bill such as electricity, telephone or water bill.

You may also require the other additional supplements documents based on your purpose. 

Reach out to ““season6 holidays“ to get the free consultation on Mauritius tourist visa documentation process.

Easy Steps to Apply for Mauritius Tourist Visa Online:

Season6Holidays offer a quick and hassle-free Mauritius Tourist Visa service. With our Travel visa Experts, we are here to help you with all your Mauritius Visa application requirements.

Please below the below steps to apply for a Mauritius Tourist Visa through “Season 6 Holidays”:

Step 1: Provide your Travel details to us and get the quote from our travel experts.

Step 2: Submit your documents to us (you can visit our office or we pick from your doorstep).

Step 3: Pay Mauritius Tourist Visa Price through online.

Step 4: Get a real time visa status and receive your visa.

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Mauritius Tourist Visa FAQs

Based on your requirements, it varies. Contact our experts to get an exact quote on price.


Based on your Mauritius visit visa period for 60 days Tourist Visa.

Depending on your plan, tourist visas to Mauritius can be issued for 60 days single entries. Tourist visas can be extended for 90 days without the need to leave the country .

No, Only single entries Available. Tourist visas can be extended for 90 days, without the need to leave the country. Please reach our “Season 6 Holidays “visa experts, to get more details.

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