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Canada Permanent Resistance

Canada Immigration Consultants in Coimbatore

Canada provides so many opportunities to settle & enjoy life in canada. Our immigration staff has good experience in guiding clients who want to settle in Canada. As Canada immigration consultant in coimbatore, we provide services to members and give up to date information about the activity.The Immigration process will be simple, easy and fast with the help of immigration consultant.Our immigration consultants help you to prepare all the documents and prepare you for departure and landing. We will help you to one step closer to your migration steps .We provide services with our family settlement along with all benefits.

Why Migrate to Canada?

  • 1. A large demand for skilled immigrant talent
  • 2.Small toughest immigration steps compared to other English speaking country
  • 3.Free Hospitals,schools and Universities permanent residents
  • 4.Safe,pleasant,comfortable country with new entry people
  • 5.Vibrant countries that are housed to migrants from multiple countries

How to Migrate to Canada?

There are five steps to  migrate to Canada.

  • 1.Express Entry Program

  • 2.Family Class Sponsorship

  • 3.LMIA Work Visa

  • 4.The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

  • 5.Canadian Investor Immigration

Canadian Immigration Process

1.Find out if you’re eligible

There are two path to find out if you are eligible for a program that is part of Express Entry

  1. – Answer a many questions to see if you meet the particular requirements
  2. – Read the detailed need for each program

2.Get your certificates ready

You want certificates, such as language test results, to show that you’re eligible for Express Entry. Some documents take a long period to get, so you must get them ready now.

3.Submit your profile

You’ll be qualified in the Express Entry pool using a points-based system. Your marks are based on the information in your profile.

4.Receive an invitation and apply for Canadian permanent resistance

We send invitations to apply to the candidates with the highest marks in the pool. If we welcome you to apply, you’ll have two months to submit your application for permanent residence.

We’ll programme most finished applications that have all the supporting documents in six months or less.

Top Jobs in Canada

  • 1.Dentist – 93,600 $/ Twelve month
  • 2.Utilities Manager – 114,000 $/Twelve month
  • 3.Power Systems Electrician – 86,000 $/Twelve month
  • 4.Mining and Quarrying Supervisor – 83,200 $/Twelve month
  • 5.Pipefitting Supervisor – 81,000 $/Twelve month
  • 6.Engineering Manager – 106,000 $/Twelve month
  • 7.Scientific Research Manager – 102,000 $/Twelve month
  • 8.Public Administration Director – 110,000 $/Twelve month
  • 9.Construction Manager – 83,000 $/Twelve month
  • 10.Nurse Practitioner – 104,000 $/Twelve month

Why Season6Holidays

  • 1.High Success Ratio

    We are happy to say that we have a high success ratio of immigrating most peoples into different regions of the world based on their profile and industry demand.

    2.Immigration Experts

    We have vast experience in guiding diversified clients from different education profiles, industry and backgrounds. We clearly evaluate the profile & expectations and match the best fit.

    3.100 % Job Assistance

    Being the best immigration consultant in Coimbatore, we provide 100% job assistance for our clients based on their education & work.

    4.Documentation Assistance

    Being the best immigration consultant in coimbatore, we provide the 100% free & transparent documents assistance for immigration purposes. 

    5.Post Landing Assistance

    We also help the clients with our post landing assistance like flight tickets, airport pickup, setting up proper accommodation, creating bank accounts, taxation & insurance filings.

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